what’s Glyph Music

Japanese version is Here

Glyph Music is made of Harmony and Distance.
(Generally harmony and rhythm)


The glyph music is based on Ingress (a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game) glyphs.

Screenshot of glyphtionary.com

They are the note values.
Each side of the Regilar hexagon are defined as 1, and calculate each strokes of glyphs.
The strokes are included 4 values ,”1,0.5,sqrt3/2,sqrt29/4″.
I define note values as approximate value.
(see figure and table)

distance system
1= whole note
1/2=half note
sqrt3/2=double dotted half note
sqrt29/4=whole note + dotted 4th note

I adopt the harmony interpretation system based on the old musical theory called Tonnetz.
It shows a two-dimensional pitch space created by the network of relationships between musical pitches in just intonation.
(detail in figure )

learn more abut Tonnetz musical theory:

Tonnez on wikipedia

This video describes the Tonnetz and voice leading. Harmonic motion between chords can easily be accomplished by moving around the Tonnetz in three different ways